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Otto Hadvall

Otto Hadvall


His need: Fast detection of cows in the barn, which haven’t been to the milking robot.

It is very difficult to have an overview of 400 dairy cows, especially to know where each cow is located in the barn. In the evening when I come back from working on the field, I have to herd the cows, which haven´t been to the milking robot. It was very tricky to find those cows in the herd. Since SMARTBOW was installed at the barn, I have done this work very fast, so that I can go to bed one hour earlier. I always take my tablet with me into the barn. I just enter the animal number in the SMARTBOW software and I can see immediately on the map, where each animal is located.

Both my employees and I have quickly learned to work with the system. We all don’t want to miss the solution. We save up to 2 hours working time per day! Revolutionary!

Farm profile:
number of animals: 400
employees: 4
number of barns: 1
milking robots: 6

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