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His needs: Make the farm managers job easier and less time consuming

We decided to get the SMARTBOW system to improve the heat detection and to make the farm managers job easier and less time consuming. We are using all functions on our farm, that means the heat detection, the health monitoring through the rumination and the localization system.

The system helps me to get the work of the day structured. The first thing in the morning is a quick look into the SMARTBOW system and that helps me to get an overview of the herd and of the work, that needs to be done.

The localization function is a huge help in everyday life on the farm. Finding the right animal in a big farm can take a lot of time, but now it’s much faster and easier. I just open the map on the computer or on the mobilephone and I can see where the animal is.

The SMARTBOW system shows us, which cows are in heat and the optimal insemination time is displayed in the software.detects cows with a „silent“ heat as well, those cows have been critical before we got the system. They have nearly no visible signs for a heat and we missed those heats.

What surprised me most was the rumination data. When the program has a rumination alert about an animal you know, that there is something wrong with it, but clinical signs of the problem like fever or mastitis may come a day or two later. So thanks to early notification we can quickly take action.

The SMARTBOW system is easy to use, the customer service is excellent and I can save a lot of time and money with the system.


Profile of the farm:
Amount of animals: 575 milking cows with average milk production of 12400 kg
Employees: 16 people
Amount of barns: 2 barns
Milking system: 2x20 parallel milking parlour 

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