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Heinrich Simbürger

Heinrich Simbürger


His need: Comprehensive health monitoring 

At the beginning, I decided to use the SMARTBOW system because of the heat detection, in order to use this as a supporting tool. In the course of time, health monitoring has become more important to me, which is the focus of my attention. With the help of the ruminants, I have a super health monitoring of my cows and can thus recognize and treat diseases earlier. Thanks to the SMARTBOW system, I was also able to increase the breeding rate and improve the performance of the animals. The heat detection is overly accurate, but I find that every alarm that is generated is okay and I can draw conclusions about changes. I see the SMARTBOW system as a good employee of my company, who brings money. The system is easy to use and there are constant improvements in the software, of which I still profit after the purchase.

Farm profile:

number of animals: 40 Dairy cows + 45 cattles
employees: none
number of barns: 3
milking robots: Fischgräten Doppel 4


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