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Heinrich Menn

Heinrich Menn


His need: Accurate heat-detection

I have bought the SMARTBOW system at the beginning of the year 2015, because I had problems to detect the animals which are in heat. I have reached significant improvements with the system in a short time period. The calving interval has shortened about 30-40 days. I have learned through the system that I have a better insemination success when I am inseminating the cows earlier.

SMARTBOW not only informs me when the cow is in heat, but also it shows a quality index of each heat. I use this quality index to choose the semen. At cows with a higher quality index I use a more expensive and sexed semen. Cows with a lower quality index are inseminated with beef breed. So I get more for my calves, which are sold in breed and expedite the breeding progress essentially. This is a further advantage of the well working heat detection system SMARTBOW

I rely totally on the SMARTBOW system and that works perfectly. The system detects approximately 95 % of all heats in my barn.

A second big advantage of the system is the rumination monitoring. I receive an alert immediately, if the cow’s rumination behavior is changing and I can react early so that the animal won’t get sick at all. 

Farm profile:
number of animals: 150
employees: 1 trainee, 1 apprentice
number of barns: 2
milking robots: Double 20 Swingover

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