Animal Health and Herdmanagement


SMARTBOW as industry partner:

At the AUSTRIAN COMPETENCE CENTRE FOR FEED AND FOOD QUALITY, SAFETY & INNOVATION (short: FFoQSI, pronouncedly: foxi), which newly opend up the COMET competence centre in March 2017, there is being investigated along the whole food production chain. Aim of FFoQSI is by the interdisciplinary approach to secure the local feed and food. 


The red value chain:

Scientific innovations for animal derived food

In this area is the focus on topics from innovative animal nutrition to healthy preparation techniques. Innovative approaches for feeding, health monitoring and management of livestock is being investigated. 


Research objectives:

  • Methodical detection of the resist of farm animals, minimization of the spread of antibiotic resistance by modern feeding strategies and development of tools for success control in practical implementation
  • Evaluation of herd health and animal welfare by real-time measurement and integrated data analysis in cattle and pig
  • Online-Know-how transfer of achieved results


Competence Center:

Austrian Competence Center FFoQSI (http://www.ffoqsi.at)