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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name SMARTBOW come from?

SMART stands for the intelligence of the system and the simple and fast operation.

BOW comes from the integration of a herd management in the software, so the system stretches a “bow over the whole farm”. It is a complete solution for the farmer.

Where is SMARTBOW developed and produced?

The SMARTBOW system was developed in Austria, Weibern and is also produced at this location.

Where can I visit SMARTBOW live?

In Austria and Germany there are different reference barns available, where SMARTBOW can be visited. Get in contact with us and we will arrange an appointment at a reference farm close to you.

What is the Wallpoint used for?

The Wallpoint (receiver) is used as a signal receiver of the Eartag and records those data and send them to the server. The amount of Wallpoints depends on the environment of the barn.

How does the heat detection work?

The Eartag records the movement activity of animals. A special developed algorithm recognizes a change in the normal daily behavior of an animal and detects heat at an early stage. The optimal insemination time is shown as well in the software.

How does the localization work?

The signal of an Eartag will be received by more Wallpoints and therewith a calculation of an accurate position is possible. The Eartags will be shown at a digital map of the barn on PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

How long is the battery life time of an Eartag?

The battery life time of an Eartag is 2 years. The battery is easily exchanged and the Eartag can be reused afterwards.

Do Eartags get lost? When/how often?

Eartag losses can happen at sharp edges or slots, where the animals can hook in. If you put on the eartag correctly the losses will be mimimized. 

What do I do with the Eartag if I sell a cow?

The Eartag can be easily remounted from a cow before leaving and can be reused for another cow.

Why an Eartag is used instead of a neck or leg sensor?

Based on the position at the ear the rumination of the animals can be measured as well. An additional advantage to neck or feed collars are the simple mounting and that no adjusting at weight gain or loss is necessary. The transponder on neck collars can slip out of position and influence so the quality of data.

Does a radiation exposure happen of the Eartag? The system?

The radiation exposure of an Eartag is minimal. In comparison with a Smartphone it is 1/1000.

What is the Eartag measuring?

According to the equipment of the system the Eartag is measuring the activity, rumination and position of animals in real time. These data will be recorded around the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What kind of functionalities does the software have?

The software offers a management of health and breeding data. Animals can be found very easy by a digital map of the barn. Moreover reports and diagrams are generated automatically. The farmer has an optimal overview of his herd and can take specific actions. By the help of an alert list, the farmer can see immediately which animals show a conspicuous behavior or are in heat.

Which kind of data do I see on the Smartphone?

All animal data can be displayed on Smartphone or Tablet. A digital barn map is also available to look for specific animals. The mobile version differs to a minimum to the PC version. Only administrative settings can be done on PC.

Can I entry data directly in the barn?

Entries while working in the barn can be directly done on Smartphone or Tablet. This eases the documentation essential and saves the documentation on paper.