How it works

Step 1: EarTag Classic

The intelligent SMARTBOW Eartag collects in real-time the current location, the activity and the rumination of your animals. It is easy to mount and can be reused.


Step 2: IndoorReceiver Wired

Receivers forward these data to a local server at the farm. They will be mounted in the barn and exterior.


Step 3: Server

The data of each animal is analysed by special algorithms at the server and alerts are generated.  The server will be placed locally at the farm.

Step 4: Software

On PC, Smartphone or Tablet you are informed about heat and changes in rumination behavior. The current position of animals is displayed on a digital map of your barn.

That easy SMARTBOW is working

The intelligent eartag is the center of the whole SMARTBOW solution. 

SMARTBOW provides you the information you need, where you need it and supports your daily work. In a few hours, a complete system will be installed and commissioned by a Smartbow technician. Structural changes are not necessary. In addition, the system can be easily and inexpensively expanded at any time. Whether it be for additional functions or also for the outdoor area of ​​your farm or grazing.

Our Artificial Intelligence - APRIL (Animal Pattern Recognition IntelLigence) has been working diligently in the background for several years. And with each additional animal, she learns more and more about it.

It allows so much, such as:

  • Early detection of behavioral changes Stress or disease symptoms
  • Reduction or avoidance of necessary medication and treatment
  • Early prevention of a performance decline
  • Precision insemination
  • Short snack times
  • Working time optimization and much more

The data is synchronized immediately and can always be retrieved by using a PC, tablet or smartphone. So you always have the necessary overview of your animals and everything under control. With less time effort you increase profit.

Folder download

Here you can download the current SMARTBOW folder.

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