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Gold medal for Eartag LIFE

As part of the Eurotier 2016, the world's largest trade fair for animal husbandry, the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft) awarded exhibitors for particularly innovative products. This year Smartbow GmbH, headquartered in Weibern, Upper Austria, was not only awarded with the "Innovation Award Eurotier 2016" by 251 participants, the independent expert jury also awarded SMARTBOW for the "Eartag LIFE" with the gold medal.

At the fair a total of 4 gold medals and 21 silver medals were awarded. For Managing Director Wolfgang Auer it already is the second award on the Eurotier.

Eartag LIFE - Monitoring from the first day of life for a lifetime

"Eartag LIFE" is the novel Eartag for cows, which is used for the official animal identification and for behavior monitoring. Due to its low weight of around 20 grams its possible to use the "Eartag LIFE" also on calves to record health information from the first day of life. For the first time gapless data over the whole lifetime of the animal are provided.
The "Eartag LIFE" is supplied with a battery as the existing Smartbow Eartag. Based on the new unique electronic circuit concept a life time of 6 years can be achieved, whereby the animal can be monitored through all stages of production. An optimized manufacturing process enables a low-cost production. An integrated LED enables the farm manager to find the animal fast in case of selective alerts. RFID is additionally integrated for animal identification and can serve as access authorization for milking palour and feeding.

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Foto:; Carl-Albrecht Bartmer (DLG Präsident), Wolfgang Auer (Geschäftsführer Smartbow), Alexandra Berger (Leitung Produktentwicklung Smartbow), Dr. Maria Flachsbarth (Staatssekretärin beim Bundesminister für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft)


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