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the ear tag for animal health!

The Smartbow GmbH. has been successfully developing, producing and distributing soft- and hardware for the agricultural sector for several years. In using ear tags and a highly intelligent system, we create a reliable detection of heat, monitor the rumination behavior as well as the health status of the animals and locate them within seconds. In case of sudden or longer term changes in activity, the system will automatically alerts you. „Farmers should be able to operate efficiently and concentrate on the basics“, says CEO Wolfgang Auer.

With SMARTBOW, you are always one step ahead and have the perfect support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your benefits:

  • Higher milk yield with less work input
  • In-time insemination
  • Early detection of diseases
  • Increase of animal health
  • Save time an money

How it works

SMARTBOW - The intelligent Eartag

Customers about SMARTBOW

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Otto Hadvall

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