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A validation of technologies monitoring dairy cow feeding, ruminating, and lying behaviors

July 13, 2016

Authors: M. R. Borchers, Y. M. Chang, I. C. Tsai, B. A. Wadsworth, and J. M. Bewley

Organization: Journal of Dairy Science

Abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate commercially available precision dairy technologies against direct visual observations of feeding, rumination, and lying behaviors. Primiparous (n = 24) and multiparous (n = 24) lactating Holstein dairy cattle (mean ± standard deviation; 223.4 ± 117.8 d in milk, producing 29.2 ± 8.2 kg of milk/d) were fitted with 6 different triaxial accelerometer technologies evaluating cow behaviors at or before freshening....

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Evaluation of an ear-tag-based accelerometer for monitoring rumination in dairy cows


Organization: Journal of Dairy Science

Abstract:  The objective of this study was to evaluate the eartag-based accelerometer system Smartbow (Smartbow GmbH, Weibern, Austria) for detecting rumination time, chewing cycles, and rumination bouts in indoorhoused dairy cows. For this, the parameters were determined by analyses of video recordings as reference and compared with the results of the accelerometer system. Additionally, we have tested the intra- and interobserver reliability as well as the agreement of direct cow observations and video recordings. 

Key words: cow, accelerometer, rumination,monitoring

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